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German courses

The École Suisse d’Allemand method allows you to fully customize your course to create a formula that is perfectly adapted to you! With the École Suisse d’Allemand method, learning German is possible for everyone. No matter what your level is, you will be able to find the course that suits you the most and progress quickly. Whether it is in small groups or with a private teacher, at school or online, the German courses we offer focus on oral expression to enable you to make noticeable progress within a few weeks. Whether you are aiming for a language certificate or to improve your personal or professional level, you will be able to make progress in both written and spoken German.

All teachers are native German speakers. The lessons are given in small groups (less than 5 people) where everyone has a similar level to encourage speaking. To enhance this method, it is recommended to practice German regularly.

Our different language course formats

École Suisse d’Allemand offers the following language courses in all the centers:

A proven method

The great strength of this teaching method is that it is accessible to everyone. By contacting one of the École Suisse d’Allemand training centres, you will be guided at all times. First of all, a free test will be carried out to determine your level and help you choose the training programme that best suits your needs.

You can choose between a general German course for beginners or advanced lessons. In addition, we offer courses for professional German (business-oriented), intensive courses, support for middle and high school students and preparation for the most important exams (Goethe, Telc B2).

Contact us for more information

How the courses work

For each course, personal follow-up is provided by the teachers, the consultants and the entire teaching team. Their expertise will be used to guarantee rapid progress in all areas: pronunciation, vocabulary, comprehension and command of written and spoken German. Everything will be done to enable you to reach the level you have set for yourself. Online exercises are also available to help you improve your language skills outside of the classroom.

The courses are complemented by online lessons with clear and entertaining videos, which will help you to perfect your accent. Vocabulary and grammar quizzes are also available. Thanks to small study groups, you will be able to practice your oral skills on a regular basis and make real progress.

Standard courses

These lessons with 1 to 5 participants are dynamic and motivating. During these lessons, the teacher verifies and consolidates the knowledge you have acquired through our various activities and online lessons.

Private or semi-private lessons

If you feel the need, it is possible to take private or semi-private lessons to better understand certain subjects or disciplines.

Digital classrooms

On a day when you really do not have time to arrange a moment to take part in your exchange, there is the opportunity to complete it online. Our teachers can adapt to your schedule and you will be able to complete your course from home, from the office or maybe even on holidays, who knows...

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