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Goethe tests and certificates: diplomas certifying your German level

École Suisse d'Allemand offers preparation courses for the Goethe certificates

Are you looking to prove your German level to obtain a visa, for studying purposes, or to boost your professional career in the German-speaking part of Switzerland or in another German-speaking country? Maximize your chances of achieving a top score on your certification. École Suisse d'Allemand offers preparation and training programs for Goethe certificates at its schools.

What are Goethe certificates?

Goethe certificates are accreditations of proficiency in the German language issued by the Goethe Institute. They are globally recognized and available at various levels, from elementary to advanced.

These certificates assess various language skills in German and are often required for university admission, obtaining a work visa, and for professional opportunities in Switzerland and other German-speaking countries.

How do Goethe exams work?

Goethe exams evaluate four different language skills in German: Reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written expression, and oral expression.

It's important to note that the difficulty level and the time allocated to each section may vary depending on the level of the exam you are taking. Here is a general description of the structure of Goethe exams:

  • Reading Comprehension: This section assesses your ability to understand and interpret written texts in German. You will have to answer questions based on reading passages provided in the exam.
  • Listening Comprehension: This section measures your ability to understand spoken German. You will listen to audio recordings or dialogues and answer questions based on what you have heard.
  • Written Expression: You will be evaluated on your ability to write in German. Typically, you will have to write texts such as letters, essays, or emails while adhering to the rules of German grammar and structure.
  • Oral Expression: This part assesses your verbal communication skills in German. You will engage in conversations, interviews, or presentations in German, demonstrating your ability to speak fluently, accurately, and coherently.

Goethe certificate preparation courses:

If you are considering preparing for the Goethe certificate in Switzerland, École Suisse d'Allemand has the solution for you! Our German centers, conveniently located near the CFF train stations, are accredited to support you in preparing for and succeeding in this exam.

To help you prepare, we offer private courses, which are the most effective and can start at any time of the year. Our courses include:

  • Courses taught by specialized and certified teachers
  • Free mock exam to assess your strengths and weaknesses, helping determine the necessary study duration
  • Personalized study program: Regardless of the exam date, the program will be tailored to ensure your success
  • 45-minute lessons scheduled according to your availability
  • Immerse yourself in the German language by participating in our social clubs and workshops at no extra cost

For more information on these certificates, registrations, and the dates of upcoming exams, please visit the official website of the Goethe-Institut.

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