German Online Test

The Swiss School of German team is pleased to offer you this free online German test developed by our teachers. It consists of 21 questions and will only take a few minutes. Tick “I don’t know” rather than guessing the answer in order to keep your result accurate. You will receive your result by email at the address you have provided at the end of the test.

As we have not yet communicated with you, the email with the results might end up in your SPAM inbox. If you don't receive your results in the following minutes, please verify your SPAM.

You will progress through the 5 levels of German based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the CEFR, ranging from "beginner" to "advanced". All of these levels are grouped into 4 stages of learning:

Introduction (EINFÜHRUNG)

At this point, the purpose of the exercises is to provide you with a basic framework to allow you to use basic vocabulary and expressions.


You will learn to express yourself in daily life. You will be able to talk about yourself and ask for directions.

Intermediate (MITTELSTUFE)

You will now be able to hold a conversation with a certain degree of ease, read basic technical documents and write simple texts.

Intermediate+ (MITTELSTUFE+)

From this point, you will be able to converse with an advanced degree of ease and be able to understand more complex discussions


You will strengthen your knowledge of German through dialogues and role plays. You will now be perfectly able to understand and take part in meetings with native speakers of German.

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