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Group, semi-private and private lessons

Your business is unique, so are your employees. We test each participant to accurately determine individual levels of German proficiency. Afterward, we offer a training program to meet the specific needs of each person.

Group lessons

Your employees can start the training program at any time when their schedule permits. We offer two solutions:

The mixed learning approach ESA blended learning

For employees with defined objectives. The method of the ESA is a combination of online courses, courses with tutors and conversation workshops.

The traditional method

Consists exclusively of courses facilitated by teachers, plus the training manuals.

Semi-private and private lessons

Each course is tailored to meet the unique needs of the participant(s).

Professional German courses

All areas of specialisation are available: marketing, sales, finance, human resources, accounting, secretarial...

You can choose training to overcome difficulties in your professional life, and more advanced training to sharpen your ability to communicate and negotiate during important meetings.

It's a matter of mixing your general German courses (the classical method) with private sessions.

Personalised coaching

These coaching sessions are designed for executives and managers who simply do not have the time to follow a standard program. Be accompanied by your own coach during your personalised coaching session.

An ultra-flexible solution designed according to the goals and obligations of the participant. Sessions can take place in one of our centers, at your desk, by phone or by Skype. These courses are designed for your convenience so we can meet your specific language needs. The location and frequency are at your convenience. We can focus on a particular theme, as well as the aim of improving your general German. The goal is to boost your ability to communicate effectively in German.

Training may take place in:

  • within your company,
  • at our centers,
  • on the Internet with the ESA online method,
  • via Skype™.
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