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An efficient method to finally learn German!

Do you need to progress in German quickly, while enjoying your current lifestyle?

The method of École Suisse d’Allemand, based on the achievement of your goals, was developed to meet the individual needs of people who want to learn German efficiently while adapting to the demands of their daily lives.

Your learning steps

Interactive lessons

The interactive lessons help you learn vocabulary and pronunciation with situations from daily life on a multimedia platform. You'll have the opportunity to develop the listening and vocabulary you learn during the lessons. Talk over 60% of the time!

Grammar books

Once you complete the interactive lessons, you will be redirected to free grammar exercises. You will complete various exercises based on vocabulary acquired during your lesson.


"Exchanges" is the term that the École Suisse d’Allemand uses to name lessons with the teacher. These lessons with 3 to 5 participants at the same level will help to make you feel comfortable in practicing the language. This course is taught by a native German teacher who will help you to improve your pronunciation. Once the "exchange" is finished you will have the opportunity to access the next interactive lesson.

The workshops

The workshops are activities focused on specific areas: grammar, conversation, business German, etc. They help you improve in all these areas. These courses are optional. They are based on knowledge acquired using the method and allow you to consolidate it. It is advised to complete one of them per unit.

The workshop allows you to learn by experiencing German through everyday situations, such as having breakfast, a drink, etc. These social activities are organised to bring together interested students, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

  • The German courses are held at different times throughout our opening hours in order to offer maximum flexibility and comfort.
  • You can learn the language naturally instead of mechanically memorising words that are immediately forgotten.
  • Lessons are in small groups of 3 to 5 students and are focused on dynamic and motivating learning.
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